Welcome to my practice! I am a solo general pediatrician in the West Midtown area of Manhattan. I provide a complete range of primary care, including check-ups, illness visits, immunizations and specialty referrals. In addition, I have a subspecialty interest in managing children with special needs. This covers a wide range of problems from prematurity with all of its complications–growth, respiratory, neurological, and developmental, to physical disability, such as cerebral palsy. I also see many children with learning problems, ADHD, and conditions on the autistic spectrum.

I am fortunate to be able to offer prompt appointments in most cases. I’m committed to seeing sick children the same day or the next day, depending on when I hear from you, and can also schedule routine check-ups without much delay. Did you just hear about a wonderful summer camp with an application deadline of tomorrow? I’ve often been able to squeeze your son or daughter in for the required camp physical.

Why solo? While I often wish I had extra help, I find solo practice very rewarding, in that I feel that we get to know each other very well. Families coming to me from larger practices sometimes say that they can’t remember their former doctor’s name, or they see a different person every visit, or get a stranger on the phone when calling with an emergency. When I hear from you at night in your worried phone call, since we already know each other, even if just a little bit, communication is much easier. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing newborns grow into teenagers, young adults and even parents themselves. It really feels to me as if I’ve been a part of their lives.

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