Pediatric Enhanced Saturday Visits

A new offering in Dr. Merkler’s practice – $150

We are very excited to offer a specialized service to our families–extended time comprehensive visits. In addition to the standard elements of a preventive care visit, or of an illness visit, we will explore in more depth the children’s needs. Families will have a greater opportunity to ask questions, and also share more about their lives and how it impacts on care for their children. Many of my patients have complex needs, and face challenges obtaining and coordinating services for them. These visits will provide an opportunity to optimize care more fully.

Examples of the benefits of this service include:

  • Preventive Care: Detailed discussion of health, safety, promotion of optimal development, answering questions and calming worries. Assuring thorough understanding of the benefits of immunization. Discussion of parental needs, both met and unmet, including a review of parental medical histories, and their impact on their children’s care, where felt helpful.
  • Children with physical disabilities: Thorough assessment of developmental impediments and strengths. Coordination of care with specialists and making sure families understand and agree with proposed services.
  • Children with learning issues: Better coordination with schools, psychologists, and tutors. Guidance and support in the development of IEP’s (individualized educational plans), and provision of Article 504 Accommodations.
  • Children with complex medication regimens: Dosage monitoring, side effects, and renewals. Coordination with neurology, psychiatry, endocrinology and other services to assure continuity.


An out-of-pocket fee of $150 will be required for these visits, not covered by insurance. For two children, $175, for three, $200. Any paperwork required for school or for referrals to be completed during the visit at no extra cost.

To arrange an enhanced visits, please call our main desk at 212-838-4715. Please leave a detailed message if we can’t answer. We schedule these visits on Saturday mornings between 9 AM and 1 PM.